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Laboratory Furniture

Product Number System

This catalog uses a simple product numbering system based on the products’ configuration. Unless otherwise indicated, numbers before the dash indicate product type and nominal dimensions, while numbers after the dash indicate (in order) the number of doors, drawers, and half-high drawers. For example, Base35(h)36(w)-132R is a 35” high, 36” wide base cabinet that contains one (right-hinged) door, three drawers, and two half-high drawers.

Number Code: Letter Code:

1st Word = Type of Product
1st Number = Height
2nd Number = Width
3rd Number = # of Doors
4th Number = # of Full Drawers
5th Number = # of Half Drawers
Letter = See Letter Code

R = Hinge on Right
L = Hinge on Left
GH = Glass Hinged
GS = Glass Sliding
GSF = Glass Sliding Framed
SH = Steel Hinged
SS = Steel Sliding

I = Island
P = Panel
S = Sink Cabinet
B = Bin Drawer
F = File Drawer
SP = Solid Panel


  • Epoxy, powder-coat finish
  • Flush mounted drawer and door pulls; other pull styles available upon request
  • Removable bottom and back panels in base cabinets
  • Full-extension drawer slides with a lifetime warranty
  • Five-knuckle, stainless steel door hinges
  • Prime cold-rolled steel components, in the following gauges:
Aprons 18 gauge base cabinet
Back Panels 20 gauge
Bottom Panels 18 gauge
Drawer Outer Panels 20 gauge
Drawer Bodies 20 gauge
Door Inner/Outer Panels 20 gauge
Shelves 18 gauge
Side Panels 18 gauge