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Maximum Chemical Resistance

Epoxy Resin

  • A molded monolithic epoxy
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Uniform throughout
  • Density = 11 lbs./sq. ft. for 1" thick
  • Difficult to field cut; diamond blades recommended
  • Specific molds for contoured work surfaces and sinks
  • Standard fume hood deck, utilizing a dished work surface for spill containment
  • Standard color – black; other colors available

Phenolic Resin

  • A solid composite fused under heat and pressure
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Uniform throughout
  • Density = 7.2 lbs./sq. ft. for 1" thick
  • Easy to field cut with carbide blades
  • Color – black; other colors available in moderate chemical resistance

Special Purpose Tops

Stainless Steel

  • Available in Type 304 or Type 316 (more acid resistant)
  • Reinforcing channels with sound-deadening coating on undersurface
  • Easy clean-up of dyes and stains
  • Easily disinfected for sanitary work surface
  • Available with integral back splash and integral stainless steel sink

Solid Surface

  • Colors and patterns to match any decor
  • Corian® is the most prevalent choice
  • For more mild chemical environments


  • Wide selection of colors and patterns
  • Not recommended for wet or harsh environments due to de-lamination